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The S.A.C.S. Association was established in 1944, but became non-existent in later years.

Its successor, the SIGNAL’S ASSOCIATION was established at Signals Formation on 7 October 1995 and used to be administered from Signals Formation/CMI Headquarters in Wonderboom, Pretoria, but became dormant around the turn of the Century.

A KZN branch of the Signal’s Association was established in Durban on 25 November 1998, but lasted for only two or so years.

A Western Cape  ‘Branch’ of the Signal’s Association was initiated as part of 71 Signal Unit’s ‘Prestige Community Day’ event held at Acacia Park, Goodwood on Saturday, 6 May 2000. However, it was not until Saturday, 2 December 2000 when the Founding Meeting of the association was held, resulting in the Establishment of the ‘SIGNALS ASSOCIATION  (Western Cape)’ on 2 December 2000.


Our Association has managed to remain operational strictly in terms of its Constitution ever since 2000 and is the ONLY Veteran Association for Signallers in the country that is registered with the Council for Military Veterans (CMVO), and as such, automatically affiliated with the South African National Military Veterans’ Association (SANMVA).

We were recognized as a Military Veteran Association by the Minister of Defence since 2001.

When the Chairman of the CMVO was unsuccessful in getting the Signallers to establish a national military veteran association we, in Cape Town, went to a lot of effort during 2014 and 2015 to try and revive the original “mother” Signal’s Association in Pretoria. Our Chairman, Robbie Roberts, sent emails and reminders to over 40 former participators of the “mother” Signal’s association, with only 6 of them ever responding. Despite all six of those former members being positive towards reviving the old “mother” association, not a single one of them had the time or capability to become involved.

As the Western Cape branch was the only registered military veteran organisation for Signallers in the country and has been acting strictly in terms of its own Constitution (derived from the original “mother” organisation constitution), it was unanimously decided at an Annual General Meeting of all members to drop the words “(Western Cape)” from our Name, thereby paving the way for us to branch out nationally as time and circumstances permit.

With our Logo/Emblem and Flag formally having been approved and registered with the Department of Military Veterans, our Flag was officially unfolded and displayed at an Historic Handing over of Tradition event held on Sunday, 1 May 2016.

We, therefore, are proud to now display our Flag and other association insignia produced just in time for the aforementioned event and invite all signalers, from wherever they may originate, to join hands with us to ensure a sound and effective national military veteran organisation.

The logo of the ‘Signals Association’ consists of a ‘Wheel’ signifying a rolling/continuing organisation with the image of Mercurius/Mercury (or Jimmy as he is commonly known and/or referred to) as the sign of the South African Corps of Signals (S.A.C.S) and its traditional logo ‘Certa Cito’ (meaning Swift and Sure for fast and accuracy in the transmission of signal messages) and ‘S.A’ for ‘South Africa’ enscripted in the base of the image.

According to Roman Mythology, Mercurius/Mercury was the fleet-footed Roman Messenger of the Gods who identifies and shares the same characteristics as ‘Hermes’, the Messenger of the Greek Gods. He holds a purse, symbolic of his business functions – God with commercial interests and of messages/communication. The image of Mercurius/Mercury stands with his foot on Earth (a Globe) and is the traditional S.A.C.S Silver, with the base around the Globe in Gold and the image of Africa in Black. He carries a Caduceus (a herald’s Staff) with two entwined snakes that was Apollo’s gift to Hermes.

The Colours Green signifies the Land (or Army) forming the Core of the wheel. Adjacent to the green is Light Blue signifying Air (Air Force) and the outer colour Royal Blue for Water (Navy), these colours being in line with the three colours having represented the Corps of Signals over the years, not only in South Africa, but also abroad.

A ‘wreath’ of Protea flowers surround the design so as to depict a ‘national’ image as membership of the Association in terms of its Constitution, is open to any Signaller, not only in the Western Cape. The name of the Association enscripted in the outer blue circle is in White lettering and encompasses a single Disa flower, which is endemic to the Western Cape and Cape Town in particular, being the ‘birth place’ of the Association. The first petal of the Disa flower represents the individual ‘Membership’ of the Association. The second petal represents the Association with all its members as a ‘group’ to create Unity and the third petal is for all Signallers generally, other than those who are members of the Association.

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